Today’s guest post emphasizes the importance of window tint for homeowners in Nevada, but we believe this is important for everyone in the southwest, including right here in the Valley of the Sun!

To some people, tinting your home only serves aesthetic purposes. However, there are many reasons why more people are tinting their homes that go beyond beauty. For example, do you know that tinting goes a long way in protecting the environment and is also a way of preventing cancer?

Here are six reasons why you should tint your house.

  1. Home privacy
  2. Home privacy should be of paramount importance to all homeowners and this can be as easy as installing a window tint to all windows in the house. By doing this, you prevent nosey people from stealing glances into your house through the windows. Sorry nosey neighbors. Better luck next time. Also note that the tint will not stop your house from getting natural lighting from the sun.

  3. Energy Saving
  4. Tired of the increasing energy bills that bombard you every month? Then try tinting your home. Window tints are known for their energy conservation properties since they make the house naturally cool. Unprotected windows are uncomfortable during summer months, having hot spots which make you turn on the Air Conditioning system. Tinting the windows results in a cooler house which translates to fewer energy bills.

  5. Protection from UV-Ray Damage
  6. The summer season brings with it the problem of UV rays. Exposing your home furnishings to direct sunlight puts them at great risk of UV-ray damage. UV rays are responsible for the fading of fabrics and the general depreciation in their quality. The solution for preventing UV rays from damaging your household items is window tinting. Tinting the windows prevents UV rays from penetrating through the window panes.

  7. Beauty
  8. Another benefit that comes from tinting your house is beauty with tints boosting the cosmetic appeal of the ordinary windows. Tinting the windows amplifies the elegance, sophistication, and overall beauty of your house, condominium, or apartment. Tints come in different designs, colors, and patterns to suit your decoration preferences.

  9. Home Security
  10. Tinting your windows can even help in securing your house. Tint acts as a thin barrier that prevents window panes from shattering after being hit by hard objects. This protects you and your family from injuries that can be inflicted by the flying pieces of glass. The tint also helps in holding broken window panes together before they can be repaired. There are tints in the market which are exceptionally strong and when applied on windows, can make the windows burglar-proof and even withstand blasts.

  11. Prevention of Skin Cancer
  12. The warm rays of the sun contain “harmful UV rays which have been established as a cause of skin cancer.” as stated by Green Valley Window Tinting who you can learn more about here. Protecting your skin against the harmful UV rays is as simple as applying sunscreen on your skin. But most people only apply sunscreen when they are outside the house, not knowing that UV exposure can also affect them even when they are inside. This is another reason for tinting your home since window tint is estimated to prevent up to 99% of the UV rays.

    Conclusion on why residential window tinting is a good idea

    Based on these six reasons, it is safe to say that residential window tinting is not a fad but a necessity that should be embraced by all home owners.